Win32 Disk Imager vs Rufus: Which Is Better?


We’ve already talked about these two bootable USB makers software in some of the previous articles respectively. Since it’s a well-known fact that Rufus is considered a giant in this field, you might wonder what the point is of even comparing a small, two-man project such as Win32 Disk Imager with it. Well, have you …

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Must-Have Apps For Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions available today, and for good reason.  It has server, desktop, and core editions, and updates are released every six months.   It’s also one of the best Linux distributions for beginners.  The desktop environment is GNOME, which is modern and easy to navigate.  The installer is easy …

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How To Install Fedora On VirtualBox

Fedora OS

What Is Linux? Linux is an operating system that is best known for being an open-source OS. This means that the platform is free to use, distribute, and even modify. Although the software is not popular amongst common end-users, it is highly regarded in the tech industry. Mostly, among developers, experts, and individuals that have …

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Win32 Disk Imager vs Etcher Comparison


The good thing about the market today is that we do have lots of choices to choose from. The hard part is not knowing how to choose the best one among the others. So let me help you get through this. One of Win32DiskImager’s competitor is Etcher (and definitely many more software out there!). If …

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What is Win 32 Disk Imager?

Win32 Disk Imager is also one of the open-source applications and free utilities that are available on the internet that writes a CD or DVD image files to and from a USB flash drive and other removable devices such as SD cards. Since this is an open-source application, anyone has the freedom to modify Win …

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How To Make A Ubuntu Bootable USB


As we are now getting more comfortable with USB flash drives, it just makes more sense to be able to do a lot of things with it other than just being a mere storage device. USB flash drive comes in very handy, especially when you are trying to install an operating system to your laptops …

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